One of phrases you will hear over and over at our skill clinics is "Game Speed" or "Game Intensity". As coaches we cannot stress this enough when our players are working their way through open court moves, stationary ball handling, or passing drills. I have seen how hard it is for our younger players to transition to the next level / age group when it comes to the speed of the game. There will always be a learning curve when a player jumps up to a new level but if a player is training with the intensity of a game setting, the mental and physical jump will be minimized. Shorter amount of reps at a higher intensity, is much more effective when trying to master a new open court counter or move. Once a player understands the fundamentals, timing, and footwork of a new move they need to be pushed to a game speed mind set. Doing this will help players have the confidence to actually pull this new move out as a reaction, in a game setting.

Everything you want is outside your comfort zone.

Questions to ask players: When you are training, you must ask yourself if you are training with game like intensity? Are you executing with game like cuts? Are you changing tempo/pace aggressively? I remind my players to be okay with being uncomfortable. This is where players learn the most about themselves and what they are truly capable of becoming, both on and off the court.