You may or may not have heard of our slogan, "it starts with one girl". If you haven't let me explain...

It starts with one girl means that every day at FAST, we are coaching, educating, mentoring, and encouraging girls from 3rd grade through 12th grade to reach higher, push harder, be stronger, and shoot for their dreams. To accomplish our goals it takes coaches who are invested in this vision and it takes corporations who also believe in this mission! If you haven't heard, we are currently fundraising for courts and hoops for our own facility. Corporations who believe in our objective of empowering girls are vital to our success! 

Today we are proud to announce that a family favorite ECKRICH Meats has become our exclusive sponsor for our Performance Training space.  The FAST family and FAST girls are grateful and excited to partner with a company like ECKRICH. Their donation and sponsorship brings us one step closer to our goal of a FAST girls training facility. 

Success is an attitude, a mindset, a decision, a commitment, a promise. A belief that it can be done, should be done and WILL be done