One of the main components that we work on at FBA is learning how to ascertain the correct read and the counter to the read when you are on offense. What I see consistently that hinders the development of this key skill is a) kids do not play enough one on one basketball b) no one is breaking down the "why" behind the drills c) kids are not transferring the drill work without defense into live settings. The combination of the three statements above create what I call drill All-Americans. If a player does not know how to catch, square up to the basket, and attack their defender to create a play, then they are pretty much a wall flower player who will not make much impact on the court. Personally as a player, I would find this type of basketball boring. One of the biggest joys of basketball is the ability to make plays by being able to create situations where there is some kind of disadvantage for the defense. Players who can do this, without a "play" being run for them are the most valuable players a coach can have. Creating an environment that teaches a player the fundamentals (footwork, balance, tempo) of doing a move without defense, then adding in defense and enforcing the player to use the exact move they just learned but allowing them to adjust to the defense is key to being able to transfer the move to a live situation. If you have seen one of our clinics, you will see us work on this in some aspect, in every session. Engaging the brain/thought process into why the kids are executing moves is just as vital to actually teaching them physically how to pull the move off.