There was a recent interview that I caught on Matthew Dellavedova that just resonated with me. Undaunted about being undrafted two years ago out of St. Mary's College, Delly has become an impact player off the bench for the Cavs. Watching the interview below, you can see his teammates love for him. When you hear what Delly has to say about how he feels about the his role, I want to stand up and applaud him! I was able to watch Delly play at St. Mary's a couple years ago when I was still living in the Bay area and he left me with the impression of being a fantastic competitor but also an amazing teammate. From his play in game 6 versus the Bulls and how his Cavs teammates feel about him, it looks like not much has changed from his St. Mary's days. Delly is the type of player that you love to coach, he's the type of player who inspires their teammates to keep fighting. Players like Delly don't complain, they compete. No matter how much playing time they get, they are ready because they compete every day in practice, they are hungry, and are willing to do what it takes with the opportunities that are given them. His quote from this interview speaks volumes about who he is as a person and a player.

You always want to be a good locker room guy, you want to be known as a great teammate, and a competitor. Try to dive on every loose ball, take every charge.
— Matthew Dellavedova

My question for all those young aspiring Division 1 players out there... do you compete when you are not getting what you want or do you complain? Do you want to be known as a great teammate? Are you willing to take that charge and keep plays alive by diving for loose balls? Those are the characteristics that make your teammates fall in love with you and have coaches trusting you in a competitive game situation.